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Every story

is one of a kind

The Stories

Every patient is special.
Every situation is unique.
Every story is one of kind.

Stories from across the globe

We are so inspired when people get in touch with us to tell us their experience with the mattress. Some of them are the users. Some of them are next of kin. Some of them are healthcare workers. No matter who they are, their story means the world to us.

On this page you can read experiences and stories from all over the world. We hope you find it just as inspiring as we did. And hey, do you have your own story with the Tidewave ™ Turning Mattress? Feel free to contact us.

We have created a document for you to download. It is full of amazing and unique stories, as well as reports and studies.

User stories

User stories

Story from a loved one

The continuous turning to prevent pressure ulcers and the curve to create a sense of…
User stories

A nurse’s perspective

Amalie can happily share that the patients who are using the Tidewave Turning Mattress avoid…
User stories

Palliative care with Tidewave

Palliative patients at Gentofte Hospital have experienced peace and security with the Tidewave™ Turning Mattress.…
User stories
Niels’s story
User stories
Bryneheimen Sykehjem
User stories
Hanne Sofie
User stories
Sandnes Helsesenter

How do we prevent pressure ulcers?

A total of one in five patients at European health institutions suffer from pressure ulcers due to constant pressure in a region of the body over time. Today’s solution is manual turning by health professionals. This is painful for the patients, health professionals are exposed to heavy lifting and it becomes resource-intensive for the institutions. Tidewave is proud to eliminate the need for manual turning.


to prevent and treat pressure ulcers yearly

2 to 3

more expensive to treat, than prevent


of the costs are human resources

For quality of life and independence.

For quality of life and independence.