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Niels’s story

By October 31st, 2023No Comments

Undisturbed sleep

Niels is a 16 year old boy with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Before he got the Tidewave Turning Mattress he had to be turned, manually, 6−8 times during the night to prevent pressure ulcers and stiff joints. He was also often sick and tired, a natural reaction to bad sleep. After he got Tidewave his quality of life was improved a lot.

After he got Tidewave they reduced the need for turning during the night down to two times or none. Niels can now sleep for the whole night and have energy to perform during the day.

“..The extra sleep I get from the mattress allows me to take on extra work in high school. And high school... In addition, I have time to hang out with friends and have fun at home.”

Our loved ones deserve it

The Tidewave Mattress turns him continuously during the night and makes sure he doesn’t get pressure ulcers, stiff or hurtful joints. Niels is able to go to school for the whole day and still have energy for friends after.

The conclusion is clear. For Niels and his family, Tidewave has been a life changer – there is a clear before and after Tidewave. The entire family is experiencing a completely different energy when Niels can sleep peacefully during the night.

“For me as a mother, the most important thing is that my child is doing well. For our family there was a before and after Tidewave.”

Niels's story

This family are among the many who experience family members with reduced mobility – something that affects their lives in several ways. However, this family´s ability to handle the situation in a great way, as well as their optimism, is warming our hearts. It reminds us why Tidewave exists.

Stories like Niels´s is important to talk about. Hear it yourself: