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Revolutionizing pressure ulcers prevention

The only mattress you’ll never hear, feel or see moving – even though it always is.

Discover how it's done

Our loved ones deserve the Tidewave Hug

95 percent of all pressure ulcers could have been prevented. Still, we keep saying that today’s equipment is ‘good enough’. It’s not.

The Tidewave™ Turning Mattress is the only mattress that both keeps the body moving continuously, as well as:

  • Giving the patient the comfort of a hug due to its curved shape – eliminating the risk of friction from sliding.
  • Not waking the patient. You won’t feel it move, and leaves blowing in the wind will make more noise.

"Good enough" simply is not good enough.

Bed tilt Alt. air mattress Tidewave Mattress
Continuous movement to never wake the patient
Sound levels below hearable decibel
Curved mattress for no shear and friction forces

Testimonials from patients, nurses and next of kin.

Read the amazing stories from users sharing their experience with the mattress all over the globe.

User stories

User stories

Story from a loved one

The continuous turning to prevent pressure ulcers and the curve to create a sense of safety and good quality sleep made the Tidewave Turning Mattress an excellent choice for Mads…
User stories

A nurse’s perspective

Amalie can happily share that the patients who are using the Tidewave Turning Mattress avoid the awakenings the nurses have to do during the night. The patients have a better…
User stories

Palliative care with Tidewave

Palliative patients at Gentofte Hospital have experienced peace and security with the Tidewave™ Turning Mattress. The staff is enthusiastic and head nurse, Anne Vadstrøm, can clearly recommend it.

What to do people say about the Tidewave™ Turning Mattress?

Now I can sleep all night and perform better during the day. The extra sleep I get from the Tidewave Turning Mattress, gives me the opportunity to take extra courses in high school in addition to actually being able to go to school. I also have time to hang out with friends and have fun at home.

Niels, 16 year old with Duchenne Muscle Dystrophy

The nurses did not have to disturb the very pain-affected patients. The mattress is easy to clean, it is silent and very user-friendly.

Head nurse at Gentofte Hospital

I am experiencing good comfort in the mattress and the turning is so gentle and comfortable. The pain I have had in my legs are completely gone just after a few days with the mattress. This improves my everyday life.

Patient at Lervig Sykehjem

The patient can not express herself with sentences due to cognitive failure, but she has a few words. After her first night with the Tidewave Turning Mattress, she said: SO LOVELY!

Nurse at Lervig Sykehjem

It is reassuring to know that the patient has been moving during the night. The turning mattress moves quietly and it is a positive experience.

Nurse at Ramsvigtunet Sykehjem

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Protect the little ones

We want the very best for our kids. That's why we've created the first ever pressure ulcer mattress that's made to fit their body.

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For quality of life and independence.

For quality of life and independence.