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Clinical trial: Remarkable benefits for patients and nurses

By December 11th, 2023No Comments

The best investment in sustainable healthcare is prevention. The new innovative mattress from Tidewave contributes to both the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. This way, the patient can stay longer at home, avoid pain and unnecessary disturbances when being woken up and positioned in bed.

A recently completed clinical trial from Sunnaas hospital HF documents the pressure distribution features of the mattress. This can relieve the situation in the health and care sector where there are tight budgets, a shortage of healthcare personnel and an increasing number of elderly people in the population.

“Today there are many solutions on the market, but it is still the traditional method that is used the most; manual repositioning. Manual change of position means heavy lifting for nurses, uncomfortable positions, twisting and rotation of the spine and disturbed sleep for the patient”, Dr. Ingebjørg Irgens, from Sunnaas hospital HF, explains.

“It is a milestone for us that Sunnaas has carried out a clinical trial study of the mattress as this is something that many people are asking for.”

Bjørn LorentzenCEO of Tidewave

Sunnaas prioritizes testing solutions of the future

As early as 2015, Sunnaas saw a need to establish an interaction area with the business world. Since then, the hospital has built up and established test beds.

Sunnaas hospital HF carried out a clinical trial study on behalf of Tidewave, where the Tidewave mattress was tested against a dynamic air mattress. Dynamic air mattress combined with manual repositioning is common practice. Therefore, this is bein gtested against the new innovative method, also known as he Tidewave mattress with continuous movement. The purpose of the study was to examine the differences in the pressure distribution and thus be able to see what is the best solution for pressure ulcer prevention.

Occurrence of pressure ulcers

Almost one in ten patients develop a pressure ulcer while in hospital. Pressure ulcers cause pain for the patient, and it is a condition that could have been avoided. It has been documented that pressure ulcers can occur within a few hours. It is therefore important that patients who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers receive preventive treatment.

The challenge is to arrange for frequent enough position changes and having enough healthcare personnel to carry out the repositioning. With increased pressure distribution in the mattress and automating the reposition methods, Tidewave can help improve this.

Dr. Ingebjørg Irgens, Sunnaas hospital HF

The Tidewave mattress increases the patient's ability to live at home

The results show that Tidewave has an increased pressure distribution and reduces the pressure on the body. There are significant differences compared to the dynamic air mattress. This can be an advantage for people who need to lie in bed for longer periods and for those who are generally more prone to pressure ulcers.

Tidewave has the potential to increase patients’ ability to lvie at home with reduced assistance, the report from Sunnaas hospital says. This can ease the pressure in the health and care sector and can potentially contribute to relieving an ongoing healthcare personnel crisis.

“This is good news for both patients, health personnel and the health care sector, in addition there are more patients who want to be able to stay home for longer.”

Dr. Ingebjørg IrgensMD, PhD and project manager in the study

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