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Tidewave™ Mattress

The Tidewave™ Mattress automatically turns patients prone to pressure ulcers, improving the quality of patient care and relief to healthcare staff.

The mattress redistributes the pressure that causes bedsores with a gentle, automated movement. Patients are moved laterally and continuously in sequences lasting from 20 to 60 minutes.

Ergonomically designed, the mattress curves around the sides of the patient’s body. This prevents patients from falling out of bed and distributes the body weight across a larger area, reducing peak pressure points. Patients feel safe and comfortable in the Tidewave Hug.

Turning loop_3
Curved support

The Tidewave Hug

The Tidewave™ Mattress has a patented, curved shape, The Tidewave Curve™️. Like a hug, this enhances safety when turning as well as lowering the pressure on the body. Our patients deserve the benefits of curved support:

  • Extra safety from falling.
  • 10% less pressure on the body in curved position compared to manual repositioning, in addition to increased pressure redistribution from regular turning.
  • Ergonomically adapted to the patient.
  • Sensor technology ensures accurate and safe movement.
Continuous, slow turning

So slow, you won´t notice

In the Tidewave™ Mattress the patient and mattress move synchronized in a continuous and slow turning movement, with the patient positioned secure in the Tidewave Curve™ – moving at the decidedly slowest speed compared to existing solutions on the market.

  • Avoids pressure at the same place over time.
  • Prevents and treats pressure ulcers, even in category 4 (exposed bone).
  • The movement is so slow you won’t notice it – providing the best comfort and sleep.
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All-in-one system

Best pressure redistribution

The Tidewave™ Mattress consist of three sections of various foam hardness. The choices are made to ensure the best pressure relief and comfort for the patient. With a combination of a highly specified foam mattress and a unique turning system, our mattress:

  • Ensures the highest degree of patient safety and clinical effect.
  • Encompasses the user, providing very good pressure distribution and comfort.
  • Adapted to the weight class of the patient
  • Decreasing risk of falling out of bed with solid edges on both longsides
  • Custom design to fit the movement of the turning mattress and any bed.
Customizable settings

Adapt to individual needs

Through our easy-to-use control unit, the turning program can be individually adapted to the patients needs by custom settings:

  • Turning degree: both sides, only the left or the right side
  • Turning angle: 10, 20 or 30 degrees
  • Delay on each side: no delay, 15 min or 30 min delay on each turning session
  • Turning speed: low, medium or full speed*
  • Care function: When clicking start/pause button, the mattress deflates and starts operating automatically after 30 minutes.

*All programs are very slow to ensure safety and comfort. Approximate speed per turning equals to 20, 40 and 60 minutes.

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The Tidewave™️ Mattress Jr

Children deserve individualized movement too

The Tidewave™ Mattress Jr is our children’s sized mattress and ensures the very best quality of care from the early stage of life.


For quality of life and independence.

For quality of life and independence.