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The next generation pressure ulcer prevention is here

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Quality of life & independence

The Tidewave™ Mattress

Traditional turning mattresses will tilt the patient and can create shear and friction – painful if you have wounds to the skin.

The Tidewave™ Mattress replaces the body’s natural movement so gently that you do not even notice it – making sure you’ll slide nowhere but into sleep.  It is the only turning mattress on the market with both a curved shape, continuous movement and unnoticable sound.

Below 40 kilos

Tidewave™ Mattress Jr

Just as adults, there are children who suffer from movement disabilities and are in risk of pressure ulcers. However, not many solutions are fit for our little ones.

The Tidewave™ Mattress Jr is our children-sized mattress that ensures the very best quality of care from the early stage of life.

Frequently asked questions

Does the patient need to be in bed before starting the program?

Yes, the patient needs to be lying on the mattress when the program starts. The mattress curves around the patient adapting to the patient weight (and shape).

What does continuous slow turning movement mean?

After the curve is shaped the mattress will very slowly turn from side to side, which takes up to one hour. The turning is up to 30 degrees side lying. The turning continuous until it is stopped.

Who is the typical patient on the Tidewave Turning Mattress?

The typical patient is immobile, does not have the physical ability to reposition him/herself when lying or does not have normal sensibility telling when it is time to reposition, and needs help to reposition to prevent pressure ulcers.

Can you use positioning cushions?

You should. It is very comfortable for the patient to have positioning cushions under the knees and to have the heels offloaded. Also positioning cushions used for other reasons can be used.

Does the nurse need to assist while turning?

Since the patient is lying in the Tidewave curve and turned continuously the nurse is relieved from the repositioning tasks they had to do before.

Will the patient fall out of bed?

No, the turning is up to 30 degrees, the patient is lying safely and comfortably in the Tidewave Curve so no direct danger from falling out of bed. It is though necessary to use side-rails when using the Tidewave Mattress. It is advised not to use the Tidewave Turning mattress on unrestful or agitated patients

Do we need side rails raised?

Yes, as with all nonmoving patients’ movements can still suddenly happen. So, for the patients safety and wellbeing it is necessary to have the side-rails raised as long as the turning mode is on.

What is the minimum user weight?

On adult sized mattresses (from 80×190 cm and upwards) the minimum user weight is 40 kg.

On junior sized mattresses the minimum weight is 9 kg.

What is the maximum user weight?

The safe working load (load before mechanical damage can occur) is 200 kg.

The safe intended use load (prevention of pressure ulcers) of The Tidewave Turning Mattress™️ is 150 kg.

What happens when there is no power supply? Is there a battery backup?

When power is lost the system will shut down, the curve is flattened, and the mattress will function like a normal high grade PU preventive mattress.

If the power loss is over a prolonged period of time, it is advised to start with a normal preventive repositioning procedure.

For quality of life and independence.

For quality of life and independence.