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For nursing homes and institutions

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Less pressure ulcers. More time for care.

Around 20% of all the patients in European nursing homes get pressure ulcers today – often on top of other health conditions. It really shouldn’t be that way. The good news is that 95% of all pressure ulcers could be prevented.

People usually live at home as long as possible. When they get to a nursing home, they often have a complex health condition and a high need of care.

For caregivers the demanding workload in nursing homes makes it nearly impossible to perform the little extra for the patient. The bedside conversation. The reassuring warm hands to hold.

Using the Tidewave™ Turning Mattress you prevent pressure ulcers while also reducing the time nurses spend on routine work. Time that can be spent on the patient care.


The patient has expressed huge enthusiasm about the mattress. He was used to being manually repositioned three times a night – awoken every time. Now, he gets undisturbed sleep every night.

RenateDepartment Manager, Nursing home

Provide better sleep while saving costs.

Research done with a nursing home in Norway showed that 40% of their residents needed manual repositioning during the night. Disturbing and painful for the patient – heavy and time-consuming for the nurses.

With our mattress, that need is removed. But there’s more. Traditional tilting mattresses move so fast and are so loud that the patient is repeatedly woken up. Tidewave’s mattress is so silent and turns so slowly you’ll fall asleep even if you don’t want to.

The patient will wake up more energized – the nursing home will save time and costs.


Heavy lifts avoided yearly per patient*


of manpower saved yearly per patient**


Estimated yearly saving in alternative costs per patient***

*Was originally being turned three times every night.
** One caregiver performing the repositioning, using an average of 10 minutes each time. Repositioning 10 minutes x 3  = 30 minutes each night.
*** National statistical number of average labor cost of a caregiver in Norway is 40 EUR (also applicable for other European countries). This results in 0,5 hour x 40 EUR = 20 EUR daily.


Children also deserve individualized movement

The Tidewave Turning Mattress Jr™ is our children’s size and ensures the very best quality of care from the early stage of life.

For quality of life and independence.

For quality of life and independence.