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Best quality of care in hospitals

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Individualized care for critical conditions

Hospitals have the most critical patients. People with serious chronic diseases, or who have had their lives turned around overnight. This could be due to an accident or a severe medical diagnosis. Getting a pressure ulcer on top of their actual reason for being there, should not be the case for anyone.

Repositioning post-surgery or after acute trauma to the spine can be very challenging. The patient might experience a lot of pain and can have specific need for repositioning.

The Tidewave™ Turning Mattress is suitable for critical care and has the necessary settings to provide individualized care while providing best quality of care.


Both the patients and health personnel stated that the mattress reduced the frictional force to the skin. The continuous movement had a long-term positive impact to both sleep quality and pain.

Head of NursesSpinal Cord Injury Department, Rehabilitation hospital

Let's raise the standard – while saving costs

As many as 1 of 5 patients in European hospitals have pressure ulcers – a number that simply is too high. This could have been prevented.

Pressure ulcers prolong the hospital stay by an average of 4,32 days. The cost of one patient equals around 450 EUR daily, meaning that those additional 4,32 days equals 1939 EUR in cost. Once again: This can be prevented!

It is time to do what’s right – raising the standard for pressure ulcers equipment. For the good of the patient, and for the hospital. 


Heavy lifts avoided yearly*


of manpower saved yearly**


Estimated saving in alternative costs***

*Was bed-ridden 24/7. Alternative care plan should according to EPUAP guideline be to turn every 2-4 hours. An alternative of turning on average every third hour means repositioning 8 times during 24 hours.
** One caregiver performing the repositioning, using on average 10 minutes each time. Repositioning 10 min x 8  = 80 min each day.
*** National statistical number of average labor cost of a caregiver in Norway is 40 EUR (also applicable for other European countries). Then 1,33 hours x 40 EUR = 53 EUR daily.


Children also deserve individualized movement

The Tidewave Turning Mattress Jr™ is our children’s size and ensures the very best quality of care from the early stage of life.

For quality of life and independence.

For quality of life and independence.