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More independence at home

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Saving costs and increasing quality of life

Research shows that people living at home, rather than an institution, live longer and healthier lives.

Homecare is highly encouraged by governments due to how cost-efficient it is compared to other institutions – an average of about 120 EUR versus 250 EUR per day.

However, the cost of pressure ulcer prevention can be particularly high in homecare because of the required traveling between homes instead of rooms in an institution to perform manual repositioning.

Tidewave Turning Mattress does not only have a proven high cost-effective impact in homecare – it increases people’s independence and quality of life significantly.


If the Tidewave Turning Mattress can increase my independence for some more years, it will matter a great deal for me!

Hanne SofieMultiple Sclerosis, living at home

1095 hours of manpower saved annually

We did a cost saving estimation project together with a homecare unit in Norway. The results speaks for themselves:

From 1-3 repositions during the night shift, to 0 repositions. From a need for visits during the night, to no need at all. 1095 hours of manpower annually saved – from only one client!

We made it possible: To reduce unnecessary travel between homes – allowing the night shift workers to be more present where really needed. Better for the patients and better for the care workers! 


Heavy lifts avoided yearly*


hours of manpower saved yearly**


Estimated saving in alternative costs for the region***

*Was originally being turned two times every night.
** Two healthcare workers driving together and performing the repositioning. Each mission of driving to the client, performing the repositioning and driving back again took approximately 45 minutes (total driving time was 30 min as the distance back and forth was 20km. Total time of care with the patient was 15 min). 45min x2 missions x 2 healthcare workers = 3 hours each night.
***National statistical number of average labor cost of a healthcare worker in Norway is 40 EUR. Then 3 hours x 40 EUR = 120 EUR daily. National rates for car expenses per km is 0,4 EUR. Then 20km x 0,4 EUR = 8 EUR daily.


Children also deserve individualized movement

The Tidewave Turning Mattress Jr™ is our children’s size and ensures the very best quality of care from the early stage of life.

For quality of life and independence.

For quality of life and independence.